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How do I get started?

Don’t wastime time just emailing. Connect with your customers in a way they want. View live reporting of your email communication acitvities with threecixty’s world-class eMS platform.


Painless and smart, you're just a few clicks away from organizing your audience for maximum engagement in manner you've never done before. Let's talk!

White Papers & Case Studies


Guides & Downloads on not just eMS, you'll find a host of valuable information on the ever evolving world of marketing and tools at your disposal. Click on the button below and you'll be directed to the UNICOM KnowledgeBank.

Return on Investment


At threecixty; we believe a comprehensive platform with insights to every accountable element of each campaign must be available to our clients. Open and click rates are just snapshots of your campaigns. Our focus on subscriber behaviour helps build an informed picture of your customers. By analysing frequency and reach, we can help you see what really works and refine your email strategy to deliver tangible business results. With industry-standard reports, our  analysis techniques go much further and hence delivers a better than ever before ROI.


threecixty eMail Marketing Solution.


  • CAN-SPAM Act Compliant Module

  • Cloud Analytics Platform

  • Integrated Content Management Tools

  • Real Time Online Dashboard


Empowering tomorrow's marketeers......

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