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Tracking and monitoring assets spread across nationwide has become a vital tool for effective media planning, project management, ATM Management and so much more. Accessible online and real-time; advertisers, agencies and media owners find our independent tracking, reporting and analytics just about all of the existing out-of-home media channels. 360Track generates real time OOH media market intelligence essential for monitoring, campaign effectiveness, media planning and analysis. 

360iNsight! provides independent analysis of a wide array of various asset classes. Be it OOH, Outlets, e-Consumer Survery. Done real-time, customized user defined parameters and paperless! Track360 significantly reduces redundancy and turn-around time for monitoring and analysis nationwide. Our UI Dashboard is an excellent tool for both media owners and advertisers alike. Content is accessible 24/7 as our field representatives upload data in regular intervals or as required by clients individually.

Corporations are like protean bacteria; you hit them withaccountability
and they mutate and change their names.

Doug Anderson


As mainstream and media delivery channels continue to offer opportunities for companies to advertise; so does the challenges of monitoring and measuring them effectively. AsseTrak360 gives you unparallled insight your media exposure, reach, monitoring and much more....

GIS Mapping & Cloud Reporting

threecixty relies heavily on the benefits of technological advances avaiable today. All of our solutions are real-time, aggregated & data refreshed as per specefic user required intervals. 


As mainstream and media delivery channels continue to offer exciting opportunities for companies to advertise; so does the challenges of mapping, tracking and measuring them effectively. AsseTrack360 provides a technology & insight driven solution from the field real-time that addresses challenges in media expenditure monitoring, rationalization and effectivity.


Talks to us today and see what we can do for your assets.

Research Report
& More....

En360 is our proprietary framework reporting model using traffic count, visibility duration, drive-up distance and other relevant parameters that allows advertisers to rationalize the heavily fragmented rate spread across out-of-home media channels effectively.

In Bangladesh, advertisers, media owners, planners and buyers for the first time can now access intelligent data essential for media planning, budgeting, monitoring; the very  ingredients that throughout history has supported out-of-home media.

threecixty's operates as an independent monitoring and audit bureau.

Outdoor Asset Monitoring​
Around the globe; Advertisers, Media Buying Agencies and Media Owners rely heavily independent  OOH Monitoring. 360  provides a technology & insight driven solution that addresses challenges in media compliance and post campaign analyses for advertising campaigns. Authentic proof of performance data is essential to reduce redundancies.
360 Dashboard
360 Dashboard is a top end business intelligence system that allows for customized reports. The dashboard  remotely access our data sets from field reps that is updated bi-monthyl. Clients can remotely from any secure location on the web access all the services it has subscribed to. It’s a  powerful tool for real-time access to your investment. 
Outrdoor Media Audit
Ad expenditure is increasing and so is number of entrants in the sector. As of 2012, OOH's share of the market was an aggregated BDT 765million. Communication budgets are increasingly consuming bigger proportions to the extent where independent auditing is gradually becoming imperative. An360 collects pre-planning data and aggregates data for effective planning and ROI maximization.
Outrdoor Media Audit
Cluster analysis is the method of grouping people into similar attitudinal or behavioral types. Using a selection of variables, for example, Simmons Psychographics, it is possible to segment a particular audience into a number of distinct groups, each of which has its own set of attitudes, behavior patterns and media preferences. It enables client to identify what drives Consumer Consumption Behavior patterns and strategize media-mix planning more accurately.
Competitor Reporting
& Research Analysis
Our nationwide ad tracking service provides you with analytics on who's spending on what and where. This is critical to understanding competitor market spend and coverage patterns. We'll unify the data to allow you to make the comparisons you need.  Accurate expenditure estimates are calculated using data from various authenticated channels. 
In a traditionally fragmented media landscape; Share of Expenditure versus Share of Market is a unique model that allows clients to qualitatively identify their selection of mixed-media channel usage to rationalize spending patterns. The key to return-on-investment in advertising expenditure lies on the data driven model we provide. 360 Datatics is updated quaterly.
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